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Child safe statement of commitment

Kingston Basketball Academy (KBA) has zero tolerance to child abuse in any form.

All children and young people have the right to participate in basketball environments where they feel safe, encouraged, and heard.

KBA is committed to promoting and protecting the safety and wellbeing of children and young people in our care.


We seek to promote and protect the rights of all children in our care and prevent abuse from occurring by fostering a child safe culture.


The welfare of the children in our care will always be our priority.

Child safe standards

KBAs Child Safe Policy and Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct guides all employees, volunteers and participants, in their responsibilities for identifying, responding to, and reporting child abuse and how to interact with children and young people in our Academy. 

Provides an outline of policies and practices KBA has developed to keep everyone safe from any harm including abuse.

This Code aims to protect children and young people and reduce any opportunities for abuse or harm to occur.

Reporting suspected child abuse

KBA have appointed Nicole Flynn as Child Safety Advisor with the specific responsibility for responding to any complaints made by staff, volunteers, parents, or children, and can be contacted by phone 0425 717 234 or email

All complaints will be taken seriously and responded to promptly. KBA will cooperate with law enforcement agencies as required. 

The steps to follow when making a report

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