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We're not just another sports academy.

Our programs are high-performance and use world class training methods. 

Our goal is to instill professional-level training habits in athletes.

But we’re not just about the drills and skills - we also teach values like

teamwork, determination, integrity, and respect.

We believe that the truest MVPs are those who work hard, and that ‘hard work’ is essential to success, both on and off the court.


Our coaches are passionate teachers of the game who won't stop at anything to inspire and equip dedicated athletes.  


We believe that the best coaches, coach because they love it. Enthusiasm and energy are infections and bringing passion helps athletes understand that you're on the same page. Here is a list of the skills needed to coach with us.


  • ​​ability to adjust instructional style to appeal to different types of athletes

  • provide challenging but constructive feedback to athletes with instruction and guidance

  • explain techniques in easily understandable terms 

  • display positive body language that represents respect and a welcoming attitude

Attention to detail

  • detail oriented

  • able to identify and monitor situations athletes can correct

  • able to nitpick the small details to help develop your athletes

Basketball IQ

  • in-depth understanding of basketball fundamentals and advanced skills 

  • eager to learn and develop new training techniques


  • highly energised, passionate about your work and humble in your abilities 

  • a motivator with a positive attitude and enthusiasm for basketball and our athletes

  • display a clear commitment to looking out for the best interest of the individual athletes


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