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Skipping - a game changer

15 Feb 2024

Skipping is a great way to get warmed up before your games or training, but it is also an excellent way to work on your footwork, explosiveness and coordination.

Skipping from a young age gives athletes more time to refine their footwork skills as they develop into skilled athletes.

How does skipping help my skills on the court?

Skipping boosts stamina, agility, control, and coordination, all essential skills for dominating the basketball court.

  • The high-intensity nature of skipping leads to improved stamina. This endurance boost is valuable during fast breaks or critical moments in games.

  • It changes a player's agility on the court by refining footwork techniques. Crucial for defensive manoeuvres, shooting precision, and manoeuvring through opponents toward the basket.

  • Improves speed, the constant hopping helps strengthen the lower body and can boost leg power.

  • Improves coordination and balance, which are essential for shooting accuracy and defensive strategies.

Proper skipping form

Your form is key when you’re working out with a skipping rope. Here’s some tips:

  • Core engaged

  • Make sure your back is straight

  • Elbows tight to your body, shoulders relaxed

  • Look straight ahead, keep your head up

  • Use wrists to spin the rope, not your arms

  • Jump on the balls of your feet and keep jumps low

Beginner skipping routines

1.   Jump up & down

The classic skipping rope exercise, jump up and down while you rotate the rope back and forth.

2.    Jump side to side

Jump over the rope from one side to the other. Maintaining balance with this routine is not easy, but once you do, it enables you to move faster by giving you more stability and balance.

3.   Jump forward & backward

This is a little difficult compared to jumping from side to side. You will do this by hopping forward and backward from your ankles over the rope.

4.   Jump on one foot

You can start by jumping up and down, then try side to side, and then forward and backward. Then you can jump on one foot.

NBA players skip

Michael Jordan used to incorporate skipping into his workout routines to build stamina and agility. His trainer Tim Grover revealed this fact, saying that MJ found it beneficial not just for footwork but overall conditioning too.

Kobe Bryant also swore by skipping. He knew it enhanced his endurance while keeping him light on his feet during games.

Kevin Durant has been seen multiple times using a speed rope before games to get warmed up and improve coordination between hands and feet.

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