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KBA Camps stand out from the rest

27 Aug 2023

Under the right coaching and training, basketball camps can lead to huge jumps in player development and an overall understanding of the game. Here's four reasons why KBA camps stand out from the rest.

1. You train like an NBA player  

KBA Founder & Head Coach (now also NBA trainer!), Andre Solomons recently returned from a trip to the US where he got to work with top-of-the line NBA Strategic Skills Coach, Drew Hanlen.

Drew is CEO of Pure Sweat, a training facility firm with a growing list of NBA players including Bradley Beal (Washington Wizards), Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers), Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics) and Zach LaVine (Chicago Bulls).

Andre was officially announced a licensed Pure Sweat Coach in June, being the first in Australia.

“I will be forever grateful for my time spent with Drew and the opportunities to work together,” Andre said.

“Being in the same gym as the NBA players and simply being a sponge to the small details when it comes to skill development.”

“It’s exciting to be able to take back all that knowledge to the Academy, to our Kingston ballers.”


2. It’s only for those who love basketball enough to work hard

Andre will agree that Kingston is not for everyone.

“Only players who are eager to learn, like to work hard and get better, have a really special experience with us.”

Andre’s training philosophy is that hard work beats talent. That ultimately if you have a desire to put in the hard work, it will pay off eventually.

“Being in that environment is incredible and there’s a lot to take away both on the court and in your life.”

3. We focus on the little things

The upcoming September camps are specialty camps to focus on specific areas of your game. One focuses on high level ball handling and the other on perfecting shooting techniques.

“It’s all the little details that will ultimately perfect your shot and dribbling,” Andre said.

“Our goal is that no matter what position you play, you will get better as a player. If you’re a dedicated athlete, each of our basketball camps will enhance your game.”


4. KBA camps transform your game

Don’t take our word for it. We had a chat with Kingston Camp Champs, Makayla Neffe and Hayden Mann. They attended KBA's 2023 winter camps and received their titles in recognition of the effort they put in at the camps.

Makayla was eager to share that the high level handles drills have transformed her game.

“The 1vs2 full court drills, it felt like an actual game where you are being double teamed.”

As for Hayden, he believes the shooting camp has made him more confident.

“I no longer hesitate and am hitting more shots. I would tell other kids that the camps are hard work but they help to step up your game.”    


Registration for the September school holidays are now open. Bookings are essential

Camp highlights

  • High quality coaches committed to your success

  • High coach to player ratio

  • An atmosphere of enthusiasm, respect, encouragement and high expectation



Kingston Basketball Academy is Australia’s largest individual basketball skills program. The Academy sees more than 500+ players attend their weekly training sessions held at Cranbourne and Keysborough.

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