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Coach who?

10 Nov 2023

He was recently recognised as Male Junior Coach of the year by the Mountain Tigers Basketball Club. His favourite player is Mikal Bridges because he’s a great defender. His motto is to turn frustration and bad games into a learning lesson. It’s Coach who?

If you guessed Coach Leeson, you’re correct.


What do you like about being a coach at Kingston Basketball Academy?

Being a coach at Kingston there are opportunities to learn from some amazing coaches. The best part of coaching is to be given the opportunity to be part of an athlete’s development and to go on that journey together.


Favourite moment in your basketball journey?

I spent 3+ seasons coaching a team. We finally reached our goal of winning a grand final. It’s my most memorable coaching moment so far. The feeling, the reward of all the hard work and just seeing the growth in all those players.


Favourite player and why?

My favourite player is Mikal Bridges (if you know, you know). I just love his attitude and the way he plays - great defender and can guard 1-5. 


What’s for breakfast and your go to cheat meal?

Go to breakfast is a bacon and egg scramble on sourdough. Cheat meal has to be a Double Quarter Pounder meal from Maccas. 


Finally, what is your message to all Kingston ballers?

It’s important to remember to enjoy the ride and try to turn frustration and bad games into a learning lesson. I think half the basketball battle is a mental game. So be positive and be confident.

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