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Coach who?

7 Oct 2023

He’s a Denver fan. His favourite player is Jamal Murray because of his incredible footwork. He specialises in shooting & mindset. He loves Nando’s. It's coach who?

The photo we've shared is a strikingly different look to how we know him! If you guessed Coach Ryan, you're correct.

What do you like about being a coach at Kingston Basketball Academy?

Being able to influence & educate the next generation of ballers in an environment I never had available whilst playing. At Kingston we have access to an incredible wealth of knowledge, where both players & coaches can continue to home in on their craft.


Favourite moment in your basketball journey?

Being fortunate enough to travel to America & play against high school teams. I got to see first-hand what is required to compete at a higher level. I learnt invaluable knowledge that in turn has helped me grow as both a player & coach.


Favourite player and why?

Jamal Murray. I'm biased as a Denver fan but both his ability to shoot the ball & his incredible footwork is great to watch. He provides a great teaching point for players, no matter what position they play.


What’s for breakfast & your go to cheat meal?

Bacon & eggs. And for a cheat meal you'll always find me at Nando’s.


Finally, what is your message to all Kingston ballers?

Best advice I can give to our ballers is to always come prepared to work hard. Regardless of your skill level, if you're willing to put in the work & be attentive, you will improve. Also, being part of Kingston you have access to incredible coaches and their wealth of knowledge. Don't take it for granted, always ask questions!

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