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Coach Who?

23 Apr 2024

He has showcased his basketball skills on a professional level around the world including the US, Dubai, Hong Kong & Argentina. In Australia, he's played for the Blackburn Vikings, Dandenong Rangers, & the Nunawading Specters.

He embodies a calm demeanour. And his philosophy aligns with this approach — your basketball journey is as a marathon not a sprint. Progress takes time and that every step forward, no matter how small, is a significant part of the journey.

If you guessed Coach Ray, you’re correct.

What do you like about being a coach at Kingston Basketball Academy?

At Kingston, you are part of a community of coaches and athletes driven by the passion for improvement. Having grown up in the US and travelled globally for basketball, I've had the privilege of learning from exceptional coaches. I take great pleasure in sharing that knowledge with the athletes at Kingston.

Favourite moment in your basketball journey?

My favourite moment in my basketball journey was playing professional basketball in Dubai. The opportunity to play while experiencing the unique and vibrant lifestyle of the city made it an unforgettable experience.

Favourite player and why?

Lebron James holds the spot as my favourite player, as he gets everyone involved. His inclusive nature elevates the performance of his entire team, making him a true leader both on and off the court. He embodies the values of team play and sportsmanship.

What’s for breakfast and your go to cheat meal?

Oatmeal for breakfast. Chips for cheat meals.

Finally, what is your message to all Kingston ballers?

Look at your basketball journey as a marathon not a sprint. Continuously hone your skills, push yourself daily, and focus on your goals. Just like in basketball and life, success stems from commitment, perseverance, and a positive mindset. Embrace challenges and learn from your mistakes.

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