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Chasing American (college b-ball) dreams with Zoe Bedford - PART 1

19 Mar 2024

Zoe Bedford, a former athlete of Kingston Basketball Academy (KBA), secured her basketball scholarship in the United States back in 2023. Now, she’s living the American (college b-ball) dream, playing with the Central Maine Community College (CMCC) women's basketball team, the Mustangs.

During her time at Central Maine, Zoe and her team claimed the top seed in their conference and won the conference title. They advanced to Nationals but unfortunately fell short of their goal. Zoe has already set some off-season goals!

Zoe’s personal achievements so far include:

  • United States Coaches Athletic Association (USCAA) Student Athlete of the Year 2024 title; and  

  • winning USCAA 3-point Shooting Contest.

We dove into Zoe's basketball journey, chatting about the awesome coaches and mentors who shaped her game. Zoe dropped some serious wisdom on us, hoping to fire up Aussie ballers to chase their hoop dreams in college!

How it all started

“Andre (Founder & Head Coach at KBA) mentioned the idea of me playing in college in September 2021. At first, I didn’t know much about it or think it would be possible for me,” Zoe said.


“After looking into it, I realised what an incredible opportunity it is.”


“Not long after that discussion, playing college basketball became a big goal of mine,” Zoe said.


Putting in the work

Zoe didn’t start playing representative basketball until top age 18’s. Whenever she could, Zoe worked on her game, leading her to get to where she is today.


“A valuable lesson I wish I had known when I was starting out, and one I want to share with KBA athletes, is that everyone’s journey will look different, but hard work definitely pays off!”


“If you focus on getting better every single day, it is never too late to make huge improvements.”


The Academy

Zoe trained almost every day at Kingston — alongside committed athletes in an elite environment. She believes being part of KBA pushed her to become a better basketball player.


“The more I trained there, the more I fell in love with the process of getting better.”


The coaches & mentors

Zoe expressed her appreciation for the support and guidance from coaches at Kingston, especially Andre, who significantly contributed to her development on and off the court. Eilidh, a former KBA coach, also played a vital role in boosting Zoe's confidence.


“Andre has gone above and beyond to help me improve, push me to work harder and teach me more about the game.”

“I know if I ever need advice, I can always reach out to him, and I’m grateful to have someone like him in my corner,” Zoe said.

Your mind-set

Zoe highlighted Andre's advice to take responsibility and put in the work without excuses.


“It’s up to you to put in the work and not make excuses.”


“Even on days when motivation is lacking or the body feels tired, staying committed and showing up is crucial,” Zoe said.

“If you can do this consistently for a year or two, you can really transform as a player.” 

Selecting the right college

When it comes to selecting the right college, Zoe emphasised the importance of getting a feel for the community at the college you are applying to.

"Don't hesitate to ask plenty of questions and engage with current players in the program," advised Zoe.

Zoe will return to Australia in May and is excited to reunite with everyone at KBA. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we will delve into her daily routine, US playing experiences, and how she manages the balance between basketball and studies.



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