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ATTN Kingston newbies - here's our FAQs

12 Dec 2023

It's become obvious; Kingston is getting bigger and most training days are nearing capacity. With tons of newbies joining, we want to make sure they’re getting all the love and information they need. Here are some questions we often get asked.

We’ve been on the scene since 2013 and are now Australia’s largest individual basketball skills program. We train 500+ athletes a week and run our programs across three locations – Keysborough, Cranbourne North and West.

If we haven't answered your question already - get in touch ( - we'd love to hear from you!

Are you curious about our dynamic squad of coaches?

You should be!  They're all hoops, all the time!. Our court-side crew is made up of top-notch players, both current and past, plus professional coaches from all levels of the game. We pick our professional coaches not just for their balling expertise but also for their ability to inspire and teach kids of all ages and skill levels. Check out our website to get a closer look at their killer bios


Do you run holiday programs?

Yes, we do. Our camps focus on high-level ball handling and perfecting shooting techniques. These are available for booking approximately 4 weeks before school holidays start. Our Summer Camp is open for bookings, visit

Do you have training sessions in the morning?

We do an early morning (6am-7.30am), exclusive shooting group at Ball360 in Cranbourne West. We break down your shot and provide valuable tips to make major improvements. Spots are limited, email to secure your place.


What happens if my child misses a session?

You can make it up! Just make sure to catch up during the current term, as we can't roll missed sessions over to the next one. If you're planning a long break from our Academy, please give us a heads up. Sadly, we don't do refunds for missed sessions or breaks in attendance. Keep calm and catch up!


What do I need to bring to training sessions?

Attire is easy-peasy: all you need is a comfy t-shirt (like our Kingston jersey or training top), some athletic shorts and gym shoes. Hydration is also essential, so bring along a water bottle. Up & Coming and Getting Started ballers won't need to pack a basketball, but Elites should be ballin' with their own b-ball and a skipping rope too.

My child just joined your Up & Coming (or Getting Started) program. When can they start training in the Elite program? 

To reach our Elite program, it takes time and perseverance. We want to make sure athletes build up their strength gradually to avoid burning out. Although training should be challenging, it should also be enjoyable, and athletes should be able to keep up with the levels of training required. Training at the highest level is all about taking things one step at a time.

How do I sign my child for the Elite program?

The Elite program at KBA is where it's at but we need to make sure your baller is a good fit! If you’re a newbie, the first step is to book a free assessment. Our coaches will give them a thorough workout to see if they've got what it takes. You can book an assessment on our website

If you child already trains in our Getting Started or Up & Coming programs, they will be invited by our Coaches to have an assessment (free of charge) with our Elite squad.

What are your eligibility standards for the Elite program?

To participate in the Elite program, athletes must display dedication to their training through ‘hard work’. Coaches keep a close eye on attendance, attitude and the level of effort exerted by athletes. Coaches hold full discretion regarding training decisions and will inform athletes and parents of any concerns regarding eligibility.

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