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7 Tips to become a better b-baller parent

10 Nov 2023

Rude parents. Loud parents. Foul-mouthed parents. Overly enthusiastic parents. Slightly obsessive parents. Have you seen them? Or are you one of them? Good basketball parenting is a process of many conversations. And how YOU behave at games and training matters.

Basketball is a GAME that we all LOVE. This article is intended to help everyone get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from their involvement in basketball. And we hope that it will improve the quality of participation for everyone.

1.This is your child’s journey

Why is your child playing basketball? Are they doing it because they want to – for themselves – or because of you? Make sure their goals and aspirations are THEIRS, not your dreams for them.

2. Be a positive role model

Your child is watching how you respond to bad calls by the referee, a loss, or a bad performance. Bottom line, be the role model your child needs by acting like an adult.

3. Relax and calmy watch your child compete

Keep your composure and control your emotions. Don’t go over the top with your spectating or supporting efforts. Try and enjoy watching your child play in the moment.

4. Be supportive, stop coaching your child

You need to be your child’s best fan. You are there to provide encouragement and support. Leave the coaching and instruction up to the coach

5. Respect referees and other officials

Respect all decisions made by referees. Accept bad calls graciously. Abuse of referees in unacceptable, it sets a bad example and makes you look foolish.  

6. Success is not just about winning

Be sure you are teaching your child that playing basketball is about doing the best you can do. Applaud effort and hard work, not just successes.

7. Always be positive in your support for players

Never ridicule or shout at a player for making a mistake during competition. Applaud and encourage all forms of good play, from teammates to opponents.


 Parents code of conduct

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