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Coach Who?

18 Mar 2024

He has showcased his skills in professional leagues across Australia, China, and the USA. He is known for his engaging coaching style at the Academy - he’s all about the high-fives, fist pumps, and his ability to build connections with athletes. He embodies basketball style, it’s coach who?

If you guessed Coach Austin, you're correct.

What do you like about being a coach at Kingston Basketball Academy?

It’s an opportunity to pass on my basketball knowledge to the next generation. The Kingston team is all about passionate coaches and families who are all in - makes each day rewarding.

Favourite moment in your basketball journey?

My basketball journey led me to my adopted family in the United States, making it my favourite moment along the way.

Favourite player and why?

Chris Paul. I have had the privilege of attending numerous camps hosted by CP and have gained invaluable knowledge from him.

What’s for breakfast and your go to cheat meal?

My typical breakfast includes eggs, and I always find it hard to resist cookies when I want to treat myself.

Finally, what is your message to all Kingston ballers?

Take advantage of the wealth of information at your disposal. Kingston boasts numerous highly experienced coaches. Make sure to listen and learn from them.

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